Very Early Pregnancy Symptoms - Abdominal Pressure/cramping?

Q: Hi. I'm 25 year old female and I just the other day I found out that I'm pregnant. That was terrific news for me and I was ready to live through all symptoms that pregnancy cause just for a pleasure and power of giving life. It all started with morning sickness and nausea and it was terrible for me to handle all this but I somehow learn how to live with this. But one thing is bothering me. I started to suffer from strong abdominal pain. These abdominal cramps are lasting for several hours and I just couldn’t believe that they are “normal” sign ofpregnancy. If someone knows a bit more about this- feel free to participate!
Ans: Well, I don’t think that I know much about this but I'm sure in one thing- severe or persistent abdominal pain is never normal thing to feel. So, if I'm on your place- I would seek for professional help. There are several things that can cause excessive abdominal pain in pregnancy. First of them is definitely ectopic pregnancy! It occurs when a fertilized egg is implanted outside the uterus-in most cases- in one of the fallopian tubes. Miscarriage could be also a cause because, besides bleeding, women feel abdominal pain a few hours to a few days later. There is one more condition called placental abruption which could be the cause of strong abdominal pains. It is a partial or complete separation of the placenta from the uterus before the baby is born.
Q: Hi everyone, my name is Danielle. My boyfriend and I had a fantastic weekend a week and a half ago (Saturday the 8th) just so I am not going too far into detail with this one, but I think you know what happened considering the topic lol. My last period was June 27th or 28th? Him and I were using the "pull out" method. We didnt just use it once, we used it about 4 times in a row without him getting up to urinate with about 1/2 breaks inbetween. This past Saturday I started feeling really weird and my stomach felt a little bouncey. Sunday when I woke up I felt very bloated and crampy I felt like I weighed 800lbs. I was thinking that maybe I was getting my period with the cramps and stuff even though it was way too early for my period. So Sunday night at about 1am I went to use the bathroom and noticed a little bit of clear mucus with a red tinge to it when I wiped. I was like, ok, period early? Then the next morning when I went to use the bathroom, when I wiped it was light brown and lasted a short amount of time, then came back later in the day, then went away again. I had a VERY small amount yesterday again that I only noticed one time. My cramps were less yesterday but I still felt extremely bloated with minor backaches. How big of a chance do you think there is that this was from implantation?.......This would be my second child. With my first I never spotted but I do remember cramping and thinking my period was coming like I have been.......comments welcome......Thanks!
Q: Hi my husband and i have recently seperated and now i find out im about 5 weeks pregnant, i have no symptions execpt for my boobs getting bigger actually i have lost like 10 lbs sence the seperation, I have become depressed and am having trouble eating and sleeping, also i am haveing extreamly painful cramps painful to the point that i have to stop what im doing and just bend over and hold my stomach, before i knew i was pregnant i assumed these cramps were from my endemitros or stress or a mixture, how do i know it that is what they are really from or if it is due to the pregnancy, if it is related to the pregnancy does this mean its most likely a miscarage? can stress be harmfull to a pregnancy? im so confused and lost right now i dont know what to do can anybody help me? Crying or Very sad
Ans: Wow girl... you've got a LOT happening!!! 1. go to doc. and get a check up. (This will tell you how the baby is doing, how far along you are, AND a person to tell your concerns about the baby's health) 2. think job and family/friends support. (you've just been thru a LOT! It's likely you will get a mix of those for and against the pregnancy. TAKE THIS SLOW and think it thru.) 3. consider a church if you aren't in one... maybe you have a friend that goes. It's a great place to find support. 4. and what I think is the best part... try to focus on the little one. Just know that aside from all the bad you've had to deal with... "he" gave you something better than himself... a baby that will love you unconditionally. A baby grows up... but I have had four... could share with you the ups and downs of motherhood. But really, it's worth it.
hang in there... your not alone!
Q: Hi all!

I'm a mom of a 15 month old boy and I've never had this happen to me except before my periods. I was on birth control for a little over a year and recently got off of it because I thought it was making my hormones go bizerk. About 2 weeks ago (a week after being off of the pill) my husband and I had unprotected sex. A few days after that I found this clear gel-like blob of discharge. No blood in it at all. A few days after that, I started having these dull cramps in my uterus as if I'm about to start my period - but it'd be 3 weeks early, so I'm guessing that that's not it. Anyways, I've been having these dull cramps now for the past 4 days. I know in early pregnancy you have cramps on a certain side from the uterus stretching, but if I were pregnant, I would only be about 1-2 weeks. I called the hospital and the R.N. told me that since it's too early to take a prego test or have a missed period, to go ahead and act pregnant in my habits. Shocked I just need answers. Is anyone willing to help?

BTW - if I AM pregnant, this baby would be born within a week of the first. Talk about coinencidence. Wink
Ans: well i went to the doctor 2 weeks ago for the pain they were concerned that it may be an eptopic pregnancy but it wasnt so that was great news i started to exepct that everything happens for a reason and that this baby was brought to me for a reason. started to get happy and exected about this baby, woke up yeasterday morning went to the bathroom and the toilet was filled with blood, went into the emergancy room and found out that i had an incomplete abortion, i feel so lost and am having such a hard time understanding what reason god could have for giving me this baby and then making me loose it, i dont think it has really hit yet i havent cried im just numb, im in sever pain but emotionaly numb. the doctor suggested i have a dnc done in the next two days, i went back to the emergancy room around 11 last night due to high fever and server cramping adominal pain, the doctor said he dosnt want to do a dnc because of the complications that i will pass it out naturally but i have to go back in two days because if it doesnt all pass naturally it could kill me, i dont know how to tell my four yr old she was so exicted and so happy to be a big sister, i was 8 weeks and when the did the ultra sound yeasterday both times i swear i heard the babys heart beat but how could that be if its dead, im trying to understand how this happened what i did, if it was because of my endemitrosis or was it due to the stress or was it something i did and if so what. there also telling me that i need to take off work for my health but im a manager at a restaurant and im hourly not salery i took off last night and tonight but i work 6 days a week and if i take anymore off i wont have a paycheck so how can i take care of the daughter i have. does anybody have any advice for me should i let it pass naturaly im not bleeding heavy and i only not having big clots i look in the toilet everytime but cant see anything. (sorry i know its gross)or have the dnc, when will i start to grieve im sad but i cant cry. how can i find out the cause meaning is it something i did how soon before i can try again i despertly want more children and i know with my endemitrosis the longer i wait the harder my chances are. i just dont know what to do. Crying or Very sad
Q: hi im 14 and i think my freind maybe be pregenant because her period is late and she had recnetly had sex and is suffering abodominal pain. is she pregnant because we don't no wat to do
Ans: The only thing you can do really is take a HPT after her missed period and it should be accurate. Your friend should be using protection such as condoms and there is also birth control
yes stress can be very harmful to a baby! it can make the baby deformed or even kill it which i know you probly dont want that to happen so.. quit stressing in sake of your babys life. trust me its worth it.

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